* Admission

The application forms for all courses are available from the Ueno Gakuen Admissions Centre.
Ueno Gakuen Admissions Centre
24-12, Higashiueno 4-chome,
Tokyo 110-8642,
Tel: +81 (0)3 3842 1021
Fax: +81 (0)3 3843 7548
Email: uniadmin@uenogakuen.ac.jp
If you wish to apply to courses other than full-time degree courses, please contact the Admissions Centre.

* Requirements for the Full-time Degree Course (Overseas Applicants)

1. Academic Qualification

Overseas applicants for the full-time degree course must meet with one of the requirements below

1. Those who have graduated, or are expected to graduate, from high school in Japan before entering Ueno Gakuen University.

2. Those who have completed, or are expected to complete, 12 years or more of formal education before entering Ueno Gakuen University.

3. Those who have obtained the qualification of International Baccalaureate or equivalent.

2. Japanese Language Requirement

There are no formal requirements, but overseas applicants may be asked to provide evidence of competence in the Japanese language (e.g., a Japanese Language Exam Certificate, a letter of recommendation from applicant's Japanese teacher, etc.). All University teaching is in Japanese.

3. Visas and Immigration

Students enrolling in UGU are qualified to apply for a "College Student" visa at Japanese Immigration Bureau. Please consult a Japanese embassy or consulate in your country for more details. UGU does not admit those who enter Japan on a tourist visa, or any other short-stay category

4. Guarantor

UGU requests overseas applicants must to have a guarantor in Japan. If an applicant is unable to find a guarantor, he/she should ask for further instruction from the UGU Admission Centre.