Ueno Gakuen University (UGU) is part of the Ueno Gakuen Educational Foundation which was founded in 1904 by Zogoro Ishibashi. It also has Junior High School (age 12-15), Senior High School (16-18), and Junior College (18+: Associate Degree Course).

With the motto, Jikaku (Self-awareness), the Foundation has a traditional yet innovative approach to its education, and it aims to develop the potential of every student. Ueno Gakuen is particularly well-known for its music education, and many graduates are successful professional musicians.

* An Outline of Ueno Gakuen University

- Founded in 1958
- The President is Professor Akio MAYEDA, Ph.D.
- Degree offered:  Bachelors in Arts
- Offers following 4-year courses
Faculty of Music
Department of Music
Music Research Course
Instrumental Music Course
Vocal Music Course
Soloist Course
- 1-year Postgraduate Diploma programmes are available in the above music courses.
- There are also special training programmes for
Music Teacher Certificate for Junior High Schools
Music Teacher Certificate for Senior High Schools
-Fully authorised by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (Monbu-Kagakusho). This authorisation means that the foreign students are able to gain a full-time student visa to Japan.
-Located in Ueno, a historical and central part of Tokyo.
-The academic year begins in April and ends in March.